We provide undergraduate students at McGill with information, guidance and opportunities to jumpstart their careers in marketing.


Your go-to marketing resource.

Throughout the year, we plan and execute information sessions, speaker series, academic competitions, networking events, career workshops, company visits, and much more. We work in conjunction with the Desautels Faculty of Management Soutar Career Centre to provide students with a holistic perspective of the marketing industry.

We are a well-established network, servicing a wide range of undergraduate students. We are continually seeking new ways to provide enhanced opportunities to our students and elevate their educational experience with innovative and exciting extracurricular initiatives.


Through our network, students are provided access to opportunities to solve real-life problems for existing companies, in areas relating to branding, digital marketing, advertising and more. In addition to providing an enhancement to in-class learning, these competitions allow students to gain professional connections and secure part-time and full-time positions.


From professional cocktails to networking dinners to casual social events, we provide a diverse array of events for students to enhance their professional network, meet like-minded students and engage with the wider marketing community. Our events are free for all members and are crucial in cultivating a community for all students interested in marketing at McGill.


We offer training sessions in digital marketing, design software and data analytics, professional workshops in LinkedIn and personal branding and many other tailored resources to assist students in stepping beyond the classroom and developing the relevant skills needed for employability in today’s ever-changing industry landscape.


A diverse mix of initiatives.